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  Kyle Farwell b1a0d7a9a2 fixed assassinstech 9 months ago
  Jared Kelly 482fe7b783 Adding Assassins.Tech and Jared Kelly to lists 9 months ago
  Kyle Farwell f0663c41c8 updated fire219's site, kfarwell's avatar 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 40f4258f22 added sdbwvn 1 year ago
  Mustafa Abdul Razaq 7a6ee084f1 added kfarwell to slapmaster credits 1 year ago
  Mustafa Abdul Razaq ced0f2d863 added slapmaster 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell a03e8dda4e updated xmpp links 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell a65a90c1b1 WIP notices 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 9a5f96f211 added This Theme Sucks to game lists 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 76f49e2157 index: template file size reached; put people in a separate inc file 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 44b36e7b40 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.gelatolabs.xyz/gelato/www 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 81063f9104 added thisthemesucks 1 year ago
  Jared d7887df19e added jstep33 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 60fa38313a shitposting 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell fb687766a4 updated kanban links for new kanboard site; added Error Logging Co. to kanban.md 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell dd87fca08e updated twitter username 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 8cf9386874 added peek test 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 0361b6d450 added peek test 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell da120d28f3 added walkingsim, errorloggingco to /games, navbar 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 50ae1f3057 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.gelatolabs.xyz/gelato/www 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell b6d6348860 added walkingsim 1 year ago
  Kyle Farwell 620349b67a footer: restored bullshit 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell f9c0c8053a homepage: replaced propaganda with twitter feed 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell c0475f7bda added Mustafa Abdul Razzaq, Matthew Rose, Katie Horne 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell ce90d524e5 added ERROR LOGGING CO. links 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 1ea84b65aa added ERROR LOGGING CO., iam 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 5312303715 updated license file pointers 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 9d65adf351 updated source downloads and live games with new releases 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 1010cc52ab added new git repos 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 346f822767 typo 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell a8d95ce293 updated alberto tagline 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 661362ead6 footer: s/fortune/www git repo 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 50fae8fdd0 mention www git repo 2 years ago
  Kyle Farwell 03ff833f33 initial commit 2 years ago